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Application for summer

Year round, Level Ground hosts our Student Trainer Program. This paid,  academic and workforce development program provides youth with college access and skills-based job training so that youth are prepared for success in their adult lives!

We are now accepting applications for our 2024 Summer Student Trainer Program! Teens between the ages of 14-18, a Boston resident, interested in martial arts and fitness, are eligible. Learn more and apply today!

Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Volunteers provides 1:1 support to ensure Student Trainers keep their grades up

Personal Training Certificate Course

Personal Training Certificate Course

In partnership with the American Academy of Personal Training (AAPT). At the end of the program, youth are certified personal trainers and may begin training clients at Level Ground!



With a focus on gym management and marketing. Through hands-on projects, youth learn how to manage all administrative, operational, and client-based projects at our Training Center!

1:1 Mentorship

mentorship at level ground mma

1:1 Mentorship

Youth receive individualized guidance from their staff “coach” who helps them identify their academic, professional, and healthy living goals, and supports them in achieving these pursuits

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

which includes cooking, nutrition, and mental health workshops

Electives in Carpentry and Coding

Electives in Carpentry and Coding

To expose youth to industries that they may otherwise not have access to, and to develop foundational skills within these fields.

Interested in joining? Learn more and apply today!

Meet our Student Trainers

Queiro is going into his second year as an LG Student Trainer! In August, he received his personal training certification at LG and excels in our carpentry class. Usually the last one on the mat, Queiro has developed a love for Jiu Jitsu…and is excellent at it. Proud of you, Q!

Favorite thing about LG: “The community. I love getting to interact with new people and learning from them.”

Vision for the future: “The carpentry class at LG made me want to pursue trade school after I graduate. I love how hands-on carpentry is. I liked learning to use and handle the different tools, and was even able to help renovate another gym as an apprentice with LG.”

Favorite martial art: “Jiu Jitsu! I love how challenging it is, and how it allows me to express my creativity by developing my own game.”

Queiro student level ground mma

At 13 years old, Max is our youngest Student Trainer and joined the program this school year. We typically restrict the Student Trainer program to youth 14 and older due to the rigor and high expectations of the program, but couldn’t deny Max the opportunity! He is usually the first student at the gym, and started sitting in on the personal training, carpentry, professional development, and academic sessions of the Student Trainer summer program out of his own curiosity and drive to learn. Max is exceptionally motivated, hard working, and fun to be around, and we love having him at LG!

Favorite class at LG: “MMA! In my opinion, it’s the most technical because it’s so multifaceted. There is so much coming at you at one time, and so many types of specialists to be tested by. Like I may get to train with a great kickboxer in the first round, and a wrestler the next round. I also like how it’s realistic for self-defense.”

Vision for the future: “I want to be an electrician. There are a lot of places in Boston being built, so there’s a lot of work opportunities. I figure that by the time I am 20, I’ll be able to capitalize on this and have a steady job.”


Avri is going into her second year as a Student Trainer. All we can say is that she is an INCREDIBLE person. Avri fully applies herself to all aspects of everything LG has to offer. A talented Jiu Jitsu athlete. An affinity toward carpentry. Now, a certified Personal Trainer. She has started to train clients, including her own family! Twice a week, she trains her mother (who is herself a force to be reckoned with!) She says that it’s her mom’s dream to be fit and empowered, and by training her, she is able to help her fulfill this dream. To Avri, Personal Training is a way to be of service to her mom and to her other clients.

Favorite thing about LG: “I love how we all advance together and feed off of each other’s motivation. All of the staff help me in different ways. For example, they have helped me in different parts of my Jiu Jitsu game, and now I am able to help new people in the same way!”

Vision for the future: “I am interested in being a carpenter. I’ve been exploring a lot of different paths, but I keep coming back to carpentry. I love how hands-on it is and it’s so satisfying to see my finished product. I was interested in this since I was a kid. Now at LG, I’ve enjoyed all of the different carpentry projects, like installing our planters. I even enjoyed doing the carpentry tests because it was exciting to see how much I retained!”

Favorite martial art: “Definitely Jiu Jitsu. I can do it without any form of restriction. On the mats, I have control over my own body, and that’s empowering.”

Fun fact: “I find a way to fall in love with everything I do. This helps me excel, because I care deeply about everything I do.”


Ways to Volunteer

Ask about our tutoring, professional development, and youth employment programs. Level Ground is a tax-exempt nonprofit under the IRS (EIN 46-3915852) and supported by friends like you